Shocking NCIS Set Pic: Beloved Character Returns for 1000th Episode!

In a thrilling announcement, it’s been confirmed that a beloved NCIS character will make a triumphant return in the highly anticipated 1000th episode of the hit CBS series.

Taking to Instagram, guest star Shelby Flannery shared her excitement about participating in the milestone episode, posting a snapshot from the set alongside NCIS cast members. Notably, Joe Spano’s presence in the photo confirms his reprisal of the role of Tobias Fornell for this special occasion. Fornell, a recurring character since the show’s inception, transitioned from the FBI to become a private investigator in 2017. Spano last graced the NCIS screen in 2022.

Flannery also teased her role as a villain in the episode, sharing her enthusiasm for joining the esteemed cast and hinting at the intrigue to come. The episode is set to air on April 15th, promising an unforgettable showdown.

While many fans eagerly anticipate special appearances, particularly from series stalwart Mark Harmon, who portrayed Gibbs until his departure as a main character in Season 19, the likelihood remains uncertain. Despite hopes for Gibbs’s return in tribute episodes, such as that honoring Ducky following David McCallum’s passing, it’s clear that producers are cautious about bringing back characters for fleeting moments. Co-showrunner and executive producer Steven D. Binder hinted at the desire for significant storylines when reintroducing Gibbs to the fold.

Nevertheless, fans can rejoice in the news that Harmon will lend his voice to the forthcoming prequel series, NCIS: Origins, ensuring his enduring presence in the NCIS universe. As Binder suggests, the door remains open for Gibbs’s return, promising that when it happens, it will be for a truly momentous occasion.

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