NCIS: Sydney’ Takes the Crown as Season’s #1 New Show!

CBS’ global expansion of its renowned franchise saw remarkable success on November 14 with the debut of NCIS: Sydney at 8/7c, claiming the top spot as the most-watched show of the night with an average viewership of 5.48 million. Notably, it boasted the highest premiere audience among all new shows this season and emerged as Paramount+’s top live-streamed entertainment program. CBS also recorded its most substantial Tuesday viewership of the season, hitting 2.92 million, marking a significant surge of +34 percent from the previous week and a +21 percent increase from the average Tuesday viewership.

The premiere introduced new character Michelle Mackey (Olivia Swann), the new boss, who quoted one of Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) rules, sparking speculation about potential history between them. Showrunner Morgan O’Neill, when questioned about this, hinted at an intriguing backstory for Mackey’s journey into NCIS. He teased a rough and compelling narrative about her past as a Marine Corps chopper pilot and her connection with a former NCIS agent who played a pivotal role in bringing her back into the organization, leaving open the possibility that the agent might be Jethro Gibbs.

The series’ theme song, a remix of the original NCIS theme, was reworked by cutting-edge Australian musicians, giving it a contemporary and slightly Australian touch while paying homage to the iconic original tune.

The task force on NCIS: Sydney includes Special Agent DeShawn Jackson (Sean Sager), AFP’s JD Dempsey (Todd Lasance), Evie Cooper (Tuuli Narkle), Bluebird “Blue” Gleeson (Mavournee Hazel), and Dr. Roy Penrose (William McInnes), rounding out the ensemble cast.

NCIS: Sydney’s successful debut not only solidified its standing as a standout addition to the franchise but also set a high bar for future episodes, promising a riveting narrative and character dynamics for fans to eagerly anticipate.

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