Emotional Fan Reactions Erupt Over NCIS Season 21 Teaser!

The release of the new poster for NCIS’s upcoming 21st season has stirred emotional reactions among fans, especially following the sad passing of beloved cast member David McCallum, known for his portrayal of Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard.

The promotional image shared on Instagram showcases the current cast members, including Gary Cole, Wilmer Valderrama, Diona Reasonover, and Katrina Law, marking one of the initial official visuals without McCallum’s Ducky.

Fans took note of Ducky’s absence in the poster, expressing their heartfelt sentiments and hopes for the show to pay homage to both the character and McCallum in the forthcoming season.

Several comments reflected on the impact of Ducky’s departure: “I hope that they give Ducky a special send-off… He’s going to be so very missed.” Others lamented the void left by Ducky, saying, “Ducky is gonna leave a big hole” and “So strange not seeing David in the cast photo.”

Some fans envisioned a touching tribute, suggesting the return of past NCIS stalwarts like Tony and Ziva for a heartfelt farewell scene: “I could already imagine Ducky’s funeral scene with Tony and Ziva along with their daughter Tali attending.”

There were poignant requests for the original cast to be incorporated into the storyline as a nod to Ducky’s legacy: “I just don’t see how they can properly honor Ducky without incorporating the original cast into it somehow. Even in a small way.”

It was previously confirmed that the new season would include a tribute to McCallum’s legacy, as announced by co-showrunners David North and Steven D. Binder. In a statement, they shared plans for an episode where the team would mourn Ducky’s passing and reminisce about their memories with him. Additionally, they teased a storyline where, true to Ducky’s nature, he continues to help solve one last crime even after his departure.

NCIS fans eagerly await the new season and the heartfelt tribute planned for the cherished character of Ducky.

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