Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Prequel Show Confirmed for NCIS Universe Return!

As the primary NCIS series moves forward without its long-standing lead, Mark Harmon is officially making a return to the NCIS universe. Harmon was the cornerstone of the CBS police procedural, portraying Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the leader of the naval agency’s investigative team. Departing from the show in its 19th season, Gary Cole’s Alden Parker stepped into his role.

After more than two years since his emotional exit, Deadline has announced Harmon’s return to the NCIS universe through a new spinoff titled “Origins.” This prequel will delve into Gibbs’ early days in the ’90s, following his appointment as a special agent at NCIS Camp Pendleton alongside veteran agent Mike Franks. Harmon will serve as the narrator and executive producer, partnering with his son Sean Harmon, who previously portrayed a younger version of Gibbs in flashbacks but won’t reprise the role. Esteemed show writers David J. North and Gina Lucita Monreal will co-write and co-showrun the project, with North also continuing his role as co-showrunner on the main NCIS series alongside Steven D. Binder.

Harmon’s return has been eagerly anticipated by devoted NCIS fans, and his openness to the possibility was evident even after his initial departure. While the original series explored much of Gibbs’ backstory, a prequel focusing on his early days at the agency provides an opportunity to further develop the character and showcase the events that shaped the Gibbs audiences have come to know. Harmon’s involvement in any capacity also opens the door for potential guest or recurring appearances across NCIS and its spinoffs.

NCIS: Origins’ prequel format holds promise, drawing comparisons to CBS’ success with Young Sheldon. The comedy, serving as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, saw Jim Parsons serve as both narrator and executive producer. Similarly, Harmon’s return after his significant departure could be a defining factor for the success of Origins.

Another contributing factor to the potential success of NCIS: Origins is its timing following the conclusion of Young Sheldon. Audiences often seek meaningful expansions of their beloved series, especially those associated with familiar creative minds. Given NCIS’ consistent popularity and Harmon’s return, fans invested in both shows might be enticed to explore Gibbs’ past with Harmon at the helm.

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