Michael Weatherly’s Mysterious Post Sparks Fan Reaction Amid NCIS Return Rumors!

Actor Michael Weatherly intrigued his social media followers with what some deemed an “intriguing” and “mysterious” post on X (formerly Twitter).

In his post, the former NCIS star asked his followers for podcast recommendations with a spooky theme, specifically inquiring, “Which spooky podcast should I visit?” He then shared a link to Michael Parker’s show, ‘The Ghosts of LA.’

The actor, renowned for his portrayal of Tony DiNozzo in the CBS drama, received an enthusiastic response from fans appreciating his suggestion ahead of the eerie holiday season.

“Sounds interesting and mysterious – perfect for this time of year!” expressed one fan. Another commented, “Spooktacular! Thanks for the recommendation.”

Among the reactions, one fan shared their enthusiasm for history and intriguing stories, saying, “I love learning about the history of buildings, ancient sites, and old objects – an intriguing story is always the best!” Another supporter appreciated the timing of the post, stating, “Your post feels perfectly timed! Thanks for the recommendation; I’ll definitely give it a listen.”

However, some fans took the opportunity to inquire about his future endeavors. Questions arose regarding a potential podcast appearance or his reported return to NCIS. “Any chance you’ll be on your own podcast soon?” asked one, while another eagerly inquired about his comeback to NCIS, specifically mentioning a tribute episode for the late David McCallum’s character, Ducky Mallard.

Die-hard fans of NCIS suggested their own ideas for honoring David McCallum’s legacy, proposing a tribute episode involving Gibbs, Tony, and a possible return of Abby. Their speculations and suggestions were met with support and agreement among the fanbase.

Michael Weatherly departed from NCIS in 2016, citing exhaustion from the show’s demanding schedule as a primary reason. He emphasized the significance of change and new challenges as essential elements in his decision to step back from the series.

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