Young Emily Wickersham’s Career Started on ‘The Sopranos’ Before NCIS!

NCIS actress Emily Wickersham, recognized for her portrayal of Agent Ellie Bishop, initially launched her small-screen career years before joining the hit police procedural in a role on The Sopranos.

Despite gaining global recognition through her role on the CBS series, Wickersham’s acting journey began with a stint on The Sopranos, a pivotal stepping stone in her career.

Joining NCIS in its eleventh season, the 39-year-old actress swiftly found her place in the team, especially alongside Agent Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama), with whom she shared a romantic storyline.

However, Wickersham bid farewell to her character Bishop at the end of season 18, announcing her departure in May 2021. Her character’s exit was unexpected, linked to an undercover operation that led to her dismissal for allegedly leaking confidential documents—an essential ploy in her mission to gain criminals’ trust.

Before her NCIS tenure, Wickersham’s acting journey commenced with a sketch show appearance on Late Show with David Letterman in 2006, followed by a role in Gardener of Eden the subsequent year.

Her breakthrough came with a handful of appearances on HBO’s The Sopranos as Rhiannon Flammer. In the series, Rhiannon was a friend of Anthony “AJ” Soprano and was involved in a storyline where she crossed paths with AJ during his psychiatric hospitalization.

Their relationship intensified during a moment of intimacy while parked in the woods, which took an unexpected turn when their car overheated, caught fire, and exploded, leaving them startled and unsure of what to do next. This marked Wickersham’s final appearance in the series, having featured in four episodes.

Following her stint on The Sopranos, Wickersham further expanded her career, appearing in various productions such as The Bronx is Burning, The Gamekillers, Definitely, Maybe, Remember, and The Bridge.

As per her IMDb page, since departing NCIS, Wickersham has yet to take on another acting role, as she embraced motherhood, welcoming her son Cassius in December 2021. Her focus appears to have shifted towards her family life and raising her newborn.

NCIS is available for viewing on CBS, while The Sopranos can be streamed on NOW.

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