Mark Harmon Shocks Fans with Career Move Announcement!

NCIS star Mark Harmon has confirmed that he will be releasing his debut book this year, marking a notable shift two years after departing from the long-running police procedural series.

The actor, famously known for portraying Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the CBS show, is set to publish the historical non-fiction book titled Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, a Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor on November 14.

Co-written with former Special Agent Leon Carroll Jr, the book will unveil the true account of Japanese-American spy Douglas Wada. Wada, an intelligence officer, assumed the role of a local journalist to gather crucial information on the Japanese on behalf of the US Navy following the tragic events of Pearl Harbor. Related: NCIS star Katrina Law stuns with hot-pink hair transformation

In an interview with PEOPLE, Harmon expressed the significance of exploring the work of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in his book. He emphasized, “I’ve always believed in the power of learning from history. History has a tendency to repeat itself.”

“This story marks the beginning of what ultimately evolved into the real NCIS. These agents had a distinct character. I hope this book reveals an untold aspect. Their work was essential, and it was largely unknown,” Harmon added.

The actor also highlighted the vital role of co-author Carroll Jr, highlighting their close bond developed during the NCIS days when Carroll Jr served as a technical advisor.

“I consulted with him about the accurate procedures or the approach during interrogations. Every aspect related to this book, I discussed with him,” Harmon explained. “When this idea surfaced, I insisted on his involvement. I wanted this to be authentic.”

Harmon concluded his 19-season run on NCIS in 2021, portraying Special Agent Gibbs. In his final scene, Gibbs was seen winding down in Alaska on a fishing boat after completing a significant case.

In sync with his character’s demeanor, Harmon feels fortunate to have greater freedom in this phase of life. “I have the flexibility to do whatever I desire,” he shared. “Whether it’s planning a dinner with my sons or embarking on a trip, I consider myself incredibly fortunate.”

NCIS airs on CBS in the US, while seasons 1-20 are available for streaming on Disney+ in the UK.

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