Surprise! Star Wars Actor Almost Landed Mark Harmon’s NCIS Role!

NCIS entertained the possibility of casting Harrison Ford, the iconic Star Wars figure, as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the show, according to revelations.

While Mark Harmon became synonymous with the role of NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Gibbs, it appears that Ford’s name was among those discussed by the series’ creators.

Executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson shared with The Hollywood Reporter in a new oral history of the series: “I know Harrison Ford was a name that everybody thought about for Gibbs because he was so perfect. But I don’t think it ever got further than, it was a name thrown out.”

Peter Golden, former head of CBS casting, elaborated on the initial casting process, explaining that “no name is off the table.” He added, “Back in the early 2000s, the Harrison Fords of the world [rarely did TV]. But that didn’t mean you didn’t put them on the list.”

Several other names were also considered for the role, including Alec Baldwin, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Kevin Bacon, Tom Berenger, Val Kilmer, Charlie Sheen, Aidan Quinn, Patrick Swayze, Scott Glenn, and Andrew McCarthy.

In different NCIS-related news, stars of the show paid tribute to David McCallum, the actor behind Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard, following his passing at the age of 90.

Harmon expressed his admiration, saying, “David lived a great, full, long life. I was in awe when I first met him, and all of us on the show were honoured to have toed a mark opposite him. My condolences go out to Katherine and his family.”

The franchise’s official media channels also paid tribute, stating, “David was a gifted actor and author, and beloved by many around the world. He led an incredible life, and his legacy will forever live on through his family and the countless hours on film and television that will never go away.”

They continued, “We will miss his warmth and endearing sense of humour that lit up any room or soundstage he stepped onto, as well as the brilliant stories he often shared from a life well-lived. Our hearts go out to his wife Katherine and his entire family, and all those who knew and loved David.”

NCIS airs on CBS in the US and streams Seasons 1-20 on Disney+ in the UK.

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