NCIS Prequel’s Nostalgic Twist, Costner’s Globes Controversy, and Young Sheldon Spinoff Buzz! Unraveling the Juiciest TV Questions!

TV Queries Unleashed: Unpacking NCIS Mysteries, Golden Globes Moments, and More!

  1. The Brothers Sun finale left us with questions! How did you interpret that post-credits scene?
  2. NCIS: Origins is on the horizon, and we’re curious about Young Leroy Jethro Gibbs sporting a bowtie. Also, will the show stick to canon with Gibbs working for NIS, given that NCIS is in the title?
  3. After Kieran Culkin’s Golden Globes moment, are you hoping for a buddy comedy with Pedro Pascal? And did Kevin Costner miss a chance to improve his image presenting alongside America Ferrera?
  4. If Evie from NCIS: Sydney were to get fired, shouldn’t the AFP’s J.D. be the one wielding the hammer, not NCIS agent Mackey?
  5. Will Extended Family’s Trey be rocking his MIT hoodie in every episode?
  6. La Brea, we need to talk about potatoes and powering laptops. Also, any chance Petra is a mini Sierra/Maya? Genetics don’t usually involve hairstyles, right?
  7. Fargo’s Dot made an interesting choice not taking her rifle. What was she thinking hiding from Roy and his goons in the secret grave?
  8. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans, were you disappointed that Monica’s Reality Von Tease alter ego wasn’t addressed right away in the reunion?
  9. Did you expect Echo’s Maya to at least wince while scaling the water tower so soon after stitching up a major abdominal wound with fishing line?
  10. Was pouring sherry on Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip the coolest moment on TV this week?
  11. How tight were Matthew McConaughey’s pants in The Tonight Show’s “Tight Pants” number?
  12. CBS’s Young Sheldon spinoff about Mandy and Georgie is in the works. What should they call it, and will other Young Sheldon characters join, turning it into The Coopers?
  13. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has us puzzled. How did Lee drink from that bizarre gourd without commenting? And what were the odds of Keiko being found in Hollow Earth near the Operation Hourglass crash site?
  14. Trishelle’s hat choices on The Traitors – Yay or nay?
  15. Reacher’s favorite candy is a Clark bar, but would Jane, a contemporary teen, really go for one during a vending machine raid?
  16. For All Mankind’s Season 4 finale had us on the edge. Was capturing the asteroid worth Sam risking her life in space?
  17. General Hospital fans, how did this moment make you feel? 😭

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