Michael Weatherly Once Called Tackling Mark Harmon in a Special ‘NCIS’ Episode ‘a Gift!

In a special episode of NCIS, stars Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly had the opportunity to delve deeper into their characters, exploring new facets of their roles. During the episode titled “Baltimore,” which took a retrospective look at Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, the actors were given the freedom to showcase the physicality of their characters.

Set in the eighth season, “Baltimore” delved into the backstory of Tony DiNozzo, a move that Harmon believed the show had earned after years of groundwork in character development. Harmon expressed how the inclusion of flashbacks provided actors with more substantial material to work with, allowing for a richer understanding of their characters. According to him, Weatherly’s portrayal of DiNozzo showcased earnestness, tradition, and calmness in high-pressure situations, mirroring the actor’s own personality. Harmon emphasized that such nuanced choices became possible after over a decade of portraying the character.

The episode featured a notable confrontation between Harmon’s Gibbs and Weatherly’s DiNozzo, a moment that Weatherly considered a highlight. The physical interaction between the characters added depth to their dynamic, with Weatherly describing the encounter as a “gift,” where he got to tackle Harmon, and in return, Harmon’s character punched him in the face. Despite the physicality, the characters, both only children with a hint of loneliness, found common ground in their differences.

The chemistry between Harmon and Weatherly proved vital for their on-screen personas, enhancing the characters beyond the written script. Producer Gary Glasberg acknowledged the evolving understanding between the two actors, noting the subtleties in their performances that added layers to the characters over the years.

One memorable aspect of their on-screen dynamic was Harmon’s iconic Gibbs slap, famously improvised during an early scene. Harmon revealed that the moment, initially an instinctive action to keep Weatherly on script, became a recurring element in the series. Weatherly, appreciative of Harmon’s quick thinking, shared that the unscripted head slap became a humorous and insightful aspect of their characters’ relationship, with DiNozzo interpreting it as a reminder to stay focused.

In essence, the special episode not only allowed for a deeper exploration of the characters but also highlighted the unique and collaborative dynamic between Harmon and Weatherly, contributing to the enduring success of NCIS.

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