Noah Mills Drops Bombshell NCIS: Hawai’i Update! Exciting News Revealed!

NCIS: Hawai’i star Noah Mills has officially confirmed that filming for season 3 is set to commence in less than a month. The news comes in the wake of SAG-AFTRA negotiating a tentative deal with the studios, effectively concluding the strike and paving the way for the cast to return to the island for the upcoming installment. Season 3 promises an exciting addition, with NCIS: Los Angeles veteran LL Cool J joining the cast, following a brief appearance in the season 2 finale.

Mills, who portrays Jesse Boone on the show, expressed his enthusiasm about the swift return to production, stating, “It’s all pretty quick now, I think. Tentative like December 4. We start shooting, and you know we have such a great crew and such a good machine over there going from the first two seasons that we can be up pretty quick.”

Teasing fans with what’s in store, Mills promised “amazing” storylines in the upcoming chapter. He shared, “Everybody’s really excited. And just super grateful to be able to go back to this fantastic job. NCIS Hawai’i, that’s my fam. I know we have amazing stuff written for the season. Time to not leave the fans hanging. Get some episodes out.”

Mills also expressed his excitement about sharing the screen with LL Cool J, praising the veteran actor’s “strong presence” and experience. “He’s just like one of those people who’s really interested in me and what we’re like over in Hawai’i. We got a heavyweight coming. So it’s gonna be great.”

NCIS: Hawai’i airs on CBS in the US and on Disney+ in the UK. Fans can anticipate a dynamic third season, featuring a blend of familiar faces and fresh storylines.

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