NCIS Director and Actor Rocky Carroll Discusses the Thrilling New Episode ‘In the Spotlight!

Excitement is in the air as CBS 2 News welcomes back viewers at 9:00 a.m., followed by a brand new episode of the hit series “NCIS.” The latest installment promises to be a captivating experience as one of the agents goes viral for a heroic act, jumping into action to save lives. But what exactly happened? Sudan came out of nowhere, narrowly missing a woman and child, with a paramedic on the scene. Unfortunately, the agent couldn’t reach the passenger in time. The episode, titled “In the Spotlight,” is directed by none other than the familiar face of Rocky Carroll, also an actor on the show.

Rocky Carroll, joining the CBS 2 News team, shared insights into Monday’s episode. He expressed that “In the Spotlight” revolves around Jessica Knight, played by the talented actress from the episode. Carroll had the honor of directing this particular installment, where Knight’s character makes a daring rescue, saving a mother and son from a fiery car crash. In today’s world, where everything is captured on cell phones, the character’s heroic act goes viral, turning her into a public figure.

Carroll elaborated on the episode, addressing the challenges of living in a world where actions, no matter how heroic, can instantly become viral sensations. The storyline delves into the impact of sudden fame on the character as she simultaneously works to solve a murder case.

Having directed more than 22 episodes of “NCIS,” Carroll discussed his love for the challenge of directing. As an actor turned director, he appreciates the opportunity to work with writers, shape the story, and collaborate with actors. Carroll believes that understanding each actor’s unique process is crucial, providing them with the confidence to deliver their best performances.

Reflecting on his time with “NCIS,” Carroll expressed awe at the show’s enduring popularity. Joining the series towards the end of Season Five, he initially thought he was catching the tail end of its run. However, as the show gears up for Season 20, Carroll acknowledges the incredible journey and the unwavering support of the fan base.

When asked about the show’s resonance with fans, Carroll attributes it to well-rounded characters and a simple brand of justice reminiscent of classic TV Westerns. He believes that viewers are drawn to the interactions between characters and the assurance that, at the end of the day, justice prevails.

Don’t miss the latest episode of “NCIS,” directed by Rocky Carroll, airing on Monday at 9:00 a.m. It promises to deliver the perfect blend of action, drama, and the timeless appeal that has kept fans hooked for two decades.

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