The Lawnmower Man Tubi Movie: Meet the Entire Cast and Every Main Character! Dive into the Stellar Lineup Now!

“The Lawnmower Man,” currently available for streaming on Tubi, is a new erotic drama that boasts an intriguing cast. Created by internet creator, musician, and Detroit native Murda Pain, the film revolves around a suburban wife who engages the services of a local landscaper for more than just gardening, leading to her husband’s discovery of her infidelity.

Here’s a breakdown of the main characters and the actors portraying them:

  1. Thomas L. Harris as Patrick:
    • Patrick is a suburban husband dealing with health issues and the realization that his wife is cheating on him.
    • Harris is also known for roles in “A Very Hood Christmas,” “McGraw Ave,” and “Buffed Up! The Movie.”
  2. Elizabeth Foxx as Veronica:
    • Veronica, portrayed by Elizabeth Foxx, is Patrick’s wife who seeks sexual gratification outside her marriage with a local landscaper.
    • Foxx is recognized for her roles in “Serial Cheater,” “Diamond Girls,” and “One More Flip.”
  3. Christopher Collins as Chase:
    • Christopher Collins plays Chase, the charismatic lawnmower man who becomes involved with Veronica.
    • Collins has credits in “Outta Pocket,” “Neon Detroit Knights,” and “Tina and Lori.”
  4. Sino Harris as Jalen:
    • Jalen, played by Sino Harris, is Patrick’s cousin and confidant, roped into dealing with the consequences of Veronica’s affair.
    • Harris has appeared in “McGraw Ave,” “The Mule,” and “A Very Hood Christmas.”
  5. Ciera Angelia as Chanel:
    • Chanel, portrayed by Ciera Angelia, is Patrick and Veronica’s cheeky neighbor who inadvertently brings Veronica and Chase together.
    • Angelia’s previous roles include appearances in “Empire,” “Sisters,” and “Black Strait Blues.”
  6. Kyle Clarington as Larry:
    • Kyle Clarington plays Larry, Patrick’s boss, who is involved in a subplot related to the character’s professional life.
    • Clarington is known for roles in “Arena Wars,” “Love Is Not Enough,” and “Bermuda Island.”
  7. Nadia Calhoun as Insurance Agent:
    • Nadia Calhoun’s Insurance Agent plays a small but significant role in the film, adding a sinister element to the plot.
    • Calhoun has appeared in “Dance With the Devil,” “Undying Love,” and “I Loved U More.”
  8. Tamia Genia as Doctor:
    • Tamia Genia portrays the doctor who aids Patrick when he faces a sudden health scare in the movie.
    • Genia’s previous credits include “Last Words,” “Beautifully Unlayered,” and “I Declare War.”
  9. Que Hefner as Officer 1:
    • Que Hefner makes his acting debut as Officer 1, a detective involved in the storyline.
    • Hefner is a Detroit-based rapper.
  10. Julius Simmons as Officer 2:
    • Julius Simmons, seen alongside Que Hefner, plays Officer 2, but their characters prove unhelpful to the distressed couple.
    • Simmons’ only other acting credit is in the 2023 film “Stree Code Broken 2.”

“The Lawnmower Man” is currently available for streaming on Tubi, offering viewers a mix of drama, intrigue, and sensuality.

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