Daniela Ruah’s Triumphant Return to NCIS Universe: From Kensi Blye to Directorial Bliss!

NCIS Los Angeles enthusiasts were met with exhilaration upon learning that Daniela Ruah, famed for her role as Kensi Blye, is making a comeback to the NCIS universe. Spoiler alert: this article contains details about NCIS: Los Angeles.

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the CBS police procedural spin-off after 14 seasons, fans bid farewell to characters like Agent Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) and the rest of the team. Kensi, alongside husband Agent Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), had found her happy ending, having fostered Rosa Reyes (Natalia del Reigo) and anticipating the arrival of their first child by the finale.

Curiosity about the cast’s future endeavors has been mounting since the show’s conclusion. The recent revelation that the 40-year-old actress is returning to the NCIS franchise has ignited excitement, but with a twist—Ruah is taking on the crucial role of director.

Details of Daniela Ruah’s Return:

Set to direct two episodes within the NCIS franchise, Ruah’s directorial prowess will first be showcased in the original drama, with the episode slated to air in March. Following that, she will helm an episode for NCIS: Hawaii, scheduled for April. Ruah shared her joy about returning to the NCIS universe on Instagram, posting a picture from the director’s chair with the caption: “Back in the @ncisverse learning, creating and feeling blissful…”. Fans were quick to extend their congratulations and express their excitement about her directorial venture.

Directorial Journey:

This isn’t Ruah’s first stint in the director’s chair. She made her directorial debut in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, eventually directing six episodes before the show’s final episode on May 14, 2023. In reflecting on her experience, Ruah shared with Deadline: “Kensi was born as a character on NCIS, 15 years ago, so now to be able to step onto that set again, as a director, with that incredible cast and crew, is an absolute honor. So many familiar faces and people I love, and they’ve welcomed me with open arms. It’s like coming home.”

Anticipating the Future:

As fans celebrate Daniela Ruah’s return to the NCIS universe, they eagerly await the airing of the episodes she is set to direct. The prospect of her directorial touch adds an extra layer of anticipation to the already beloved franchise. While NCIS: Los Angeles may have bid farewell, the broader NCIS universe continues to unfold, promising more stories and moments that keep viewers invested in the world of crime-solving and camaraderie.


Daniela Ruah’s transition from Kensi Blye to directorial duties is a testament to the versatility and talent she brings to the NCIS universe. As fans prepare to witness her behind-the-camera magic, the excitement surrounding her return serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of the NCIS franchise. Stay tuned for the directorial journey of Daniela Ruah, adding a fresh chapter to the legacy of NCIS.

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