Special Ops: Lioness Season 2 Hangs in Uncertainty, Star Laysla De Oliveira Speaks Out!

The future of Paramount+’s spy thriller, “Special Ops: Lioness,” remains uncertain, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. In a recent update from the show’s star, Laysla De Oliveira, who portrays Cruz Manuelos, it appears that the status of a second season is up in the air. Despite the streaming service touting the series’ success and breaking viewership records, De Oliveira reveals that she, too, is in the dark about the show’s future.

Details on the Situation:

In a conversation with TVLine coinciding with the physical media release of the show, De Oliveira expressed her uncertainty about the potential for “Special Ops: Lioness” Season 2. When asked about the status of the series, she candidly responded, “I know just as much as you know.” Even inquiries about potential storylines for her character yielded limited information, with De Oliveira emphasizing her excitement about what the creator, Taylor Sheridan, might develop.

Paramount+’s View on Success:

Despite the ambiguity surrounding Season 2, Paramount+ has been quick to celebrate the triumph of “Special Ops: Lioness.” The streaming platform asserts that the series broke viewership records, claiming the title of the most-watched global series premiere in its first 24 hours. This success, surpassing the likes of “Yellowstone” and “Halo,” is not only a testament to the show’s quality but also underscores its popularity on the streaming charts, as reflected in Nielsen’s streaming rankings.

Potential Directions for Season 2:

As uncertainties loom over the renewal of “Special Ops: Lioness,” the show’s future could take a cue from its title. Much like another Sheridan production, “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” where star David Oyelowo has not committed to a second season, the series might explore other CIA programs and introduce a new cast of characters. This approach aligns with the possibility of focusing on different facets within the intriguing world of intelligence operations.


The fate of “Special Ops: Lioness” Season 2 remains a question mark, leaving fans and even its star, Laysla De Oliveira, eagerly awaiting news. As the streaming service celebrates the show’s impressive viewership records, the possibility of the series exploring new avenues within the intelligence landscape offers hope for those eager to dive back into the world of espionage. Stay tuned for updates on whether “Special Ops: Lioness” will continue its thrilling narrative or bow out as a star-studded limited series.

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