Unforgettable Chemistry: Tony and Ziva’s Top 5 Moments on NCIS Will Leave You Breathless!

If there ever was a time when NCIS fans weren’t tortured with on-screen ships, Tiva was on a totally different level. From the moment Ziva joined NCIS, the chemistry between her and Tony has been unmatched. In this video, we’re going to talk about their best moments on NCIS, starting with number 10.

Ziva’s first meeting with Tony in the episode “Kill Ari Part 1” was awkward but endearing. Ziva’s detective skills were showcased as she revealed Tony’s entire background without hesitation. The chemistry between Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly has been amazing from the start, captivating audiences.

At number 9, we have Tony and Ziva as married assassins. Their first big assignment sent them undercover to a luxury hotel, where they had to pretend to be a married couple. The fun and spicy dynamic between them, along with their willingness to play the part, made the episode entertaining and heart-melting.

In the 8th spot, Tony and Ziva find themselves boxed in together in a shipping container after a gunfight. Despite the claustrophobic setting, their light flirty moments during times of stress highlighted their connection as each other’s anchors.

At number 7, the pair teams up for a case in Los Angeles, flying to protect Director Jenny Shepard. The episode titled “Jet Lag” not only showcased their professional partnership but also allowed them to enjoy some time in Paris together.

Number 6 brings another instance of Tony and Ziva being stuck together, this time in an elevator during a terrorist bomb plot. Despite the intense situation, their moments in the elevator were unforgettable and showed their bond.

In the 5th spot, Tony deals with heartache in Season 5 after his split from Jeanne. Ziva provides much-needed emotional support, and these tender moments resonate with Tiva fans.

At number 4, Ziva almost dies in a boating accident, leading to a traumatic episode for Tony and fans. The emotional aftermath defines their relationship for the entire season.

In the 3rd position, Tiva goes to Germany in the episode titled “Berlin.” Tony and Ziva’s trip to track information about the killer of Ziva’s father packed in many intimate scenes, including a dance in Berlin.

The chemistry in the Judgment Day episode, ranked at number 2, is unmatched. In Season 5, Tony and Ziva accompany Director Jenny Shepard on a trip to Los Angeles, and the heightened drama showcases unforgettable moments between them.

Finally, at number 1, the best Tiva moment occurs in Season 11’s episode titled “Past, Present, and Future.” The long-awaited kiss between Tony and Ziva, as she says her final words before leaving, provides fans with a mix of heartbreak and satisfaction.

Every Tiva moment on NCIS is remembered and cherished, from their playful teases to the suspenseful anticipation of their first kiss. Each episode starring Tony and Ziva was endearing, making their on-screen relationship a precious part of NCIS history.

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