SAG Strike Finale! Impact on NCIS, 911, and More Revealed – Shocking Twists Await!

The SAG-AFTRA strike has concluded following a tentative deal between the union and the AMPTP. The strike, which lasted for almost four months, ended at 12:01 am on Thursday, November 9. The details of the agreement have not been publicly disclosed, and the deal is now subject to approval by the union’s national board on Friday, November 10.

The strike, lasting 118 days, created significant challenges for the film and TV industry, with studios, including Netflix, Warner Bros, and Disney, reportedly offering increased wage floors for actors and a modified streaming bonus. However, negotiations faced obstacles over AI usage, specifically concerning guardrails to prevent future issues.

The resolution of the strike raises the possibility of network TV dramas having shorter 13-episode seasons, as showrunners return to work following the writers’ strike’s conclusion in September. While the traditional broadcast season typically begins in September, concerns had arisen that the ongoing strike might delay the release of new seasons until September 2024.

Although networks have the option to run series throughout the summer, the regular broadcast season traditionally spans from late September to May. During the summer, networks often air reruns or series with expected lower ratings, considering people’s increased outdoor activities, vacations, and sleepaway camps for children. Reality TV is also a common feature during the summer months.

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