Mind-Blowing ‘NCIS’ Crossover Triumphs in Delayed Viewing – Spinoff Fusion Sets Records!

Get ready for more crossovers, NCIS fans, as the latest one proved successful for CBS. The first-ever crossover between NCIS and its spinoffs NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawai’i contributed to a significant boost in viewership averages in delayed viewing. The flagship NCIS recorded the night’s top seven-day playback in viewers, drawing 11.25 million, making it Monday’s No. 1 non-sports primetime program in viewers with the best seven-day audience since January 24, 2022, according to Nielsen results.

NCIS: Hawai’i saw a substantial increase of 3.19 million viewers in live plus seven-day playback, reaching 10.55 million from 7.36 million. This marked the show’s best seven-day Monday audience ever. Similarly, NCIS: Los Angeles gained an additional 3.16 million viewers in live plus seven-day playback, reaching 9.96 million from 6.80 million. This was NCIS: LA’s best seven-day viewership delivery since March 17, 2019.

The crossover storyline followed franchise agents as they tracked down a hitman. Notably, actors from the NCIS shows, including Gary Cole, Wilmer Vilderrama, Brian Dietzen, Chris O’Donnell, and LL Cool J, appeared across the different shows. The successful crossover suggests that fans can anticipate more collaborative storylines in the future.

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