NCIS Hawaii fans outraged as beloved duo snubbed in jaw-dropping next episode teaser!”

Fans of NCIS: Hawaii were left disappointed when the first look at next week’s episode did not feature Special Agent Lucy Tara, who has been absent for much of season two. The teaser trailer for the upcoming episode, titled Misplaced Targets, instead focused on an explosive face-off between Kai Holman and his nemesis. This has left fans desperate to see Lucy Tara and Kate Whistler finally reunite. However, it seems that fans may have to wait at least another week before their favorite couple is back together. Lucy Tara accepted a job as a Special Agent Afloat, which has caused a temporary break in her relationship with Kate Whistler. While her new role has allowed Yasmine Al-Bustami to focus on another acting role, it has also kept her character away from the series. Many fans were disappointed when the latest trailer failed to feature the couple, who are affectionately called ‘Kacy’.

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