Palmer Takes Charge! Exclusive Sneak Peek into NCIS Season 21: Ducky Tribute Investigation! Don’t Miss the Team in Action!

NCIS season 21 will feature a tribute episode to honor the late David McCallum, who portrayed the beloved character Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. McCallum sadly passed away in September 2021. He was an original cast member of the long-running CBS drama and had made multiple appearances throughout NCIS season 20.

The tribute episode, titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” will address McCallum’s death and incorporate one of Ducky’s unfinished cases, which the NCIS team will diligently work on. The episode aims to provide a heartfelt and memorable moment for the audience.

New images from NCIS season 21 have recently been released, giving fans a sneak peek of the tribute episode dedicated to Dr. Ducky Mallard and David McCallum’s legacy. These images provide a glimpse of what’s in store for viewers.

The upcoming season of NCIS will debut on Monday, February 12th at 9 PM ET on CBS. The tribute episode is scheduled to air on February 19th, during the same timeslot.

“The Stories We Leave Behind” will be co-written by Brian Dietzen, who portrays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS. Dietzen has been a part of the show since its first season and is a fitting choice to contribute to the tribute episode. He will be collaborating with executive producer Scott Williams on the script.

While the co-showrunners, Steven D. Binder and David North, have not mentioned any specific cameo appearances from past NCIS actors in the tribute episode, they have promised a very special and touching moment for audiences.

David McCallum, a three-time Emmy nominee for his role as Hamilton Cade in the 1960s TV series “Man From U.N.C.L.E,” played a significant role in the NCIS franchise’s legacy. His passing is undoubtedly a great loss, and his impact will be felt throughout the show’s 21st season and beyond.

As NCIS prepares to embark on its 21st season, it will take a moment to bid farewell to one of its cherished cornerstones and pay tribute to the talented actor who brought Dr. Ducky Mallard to life.

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