Valerie Bertinelli’s Bold Confession! Breaking Silence on Appearance Criticism – Raw and Unfiltered Revelation Inside!

Valerie Bertinelli openly addresses her struggles with mental health in a heartfelt Instagram video posted on February 12, 2023. In the video, she strolls and talks to the camera, accompanied by a swishing sound from her jeans rubbing together.

Maintaining a light-hearted demeanor, Bertinelli discloses the source of the sound, explaining, “I’m giggling because I had a small, hidden bruise activated today… My jeans are rubbing together, creating this particular sound, so you can probably hear them.” She reveals that she had stopped wearing these specific pants due to being ridiculed by an ex who criticized her weight and laziness, attributing the noise to those judgments.

Bertinelli clarifies the term “hidden bruise,” describing it as the emotional, verbal, and mental toll that abuse inflicts, remaining unseen. Despite the past pain, she shares her progress in healing, finding humor in the situation and deciding to embrace the jeans again as a symbol of freedom.

Addressing potential criticism urging her to “move on,” Bertinelli emphasizes that sharing her journey is a vital part of moving on and healing. The video garners positive comments, with one person acknowledging the non-linear nature of healing, and another expressing gratitude for Bertinelli shedding light on the concept of hidden bruises.

Supportive comments flow in, praising Bertinelli’s strength and inspiration. Despite the possibility of judgment, her openness resonates with many, fostering a sense of community among those who can relate to her experiences.

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