NCIS: Origins Set to Revolutionize TV! Get Ready for Something Totally New and Exciting!

The upcoming NCIS: Origins series is set to break away from the traditional NCIS formula, and this departure is a welcome change for fans of the franchise.

Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been integral to the success of NCIS, with his character serving as the heart and soul of the series. However, Harmon’s departure from the main series left a noticeable void, despite Gary Cole’s commendable performance as the new team leader, Alden Parker.

In response to the evolving landscape of the NCIS universe, CBS has announced NCIS: Origins, colloquially dubbed “Young Gibbs.” Set in the 1990s, this spinoff promises a departure from the usual NCIS format, offering a fresh and distinct tone.

Why NCIS: Origins needs to distinguish itself

While NCIS has enjoyed widespread popularity, it’s also recognized for its procedural format, often resolving cases within a single episode. NCIS: Origins is poised to break away from this routine, not only due to its historical setting but also its approach to storytelling.

Amy Reisenbach, CBS programming manager, hints at the show’s departure from the norm, emphasizing its edgier and grittier tone, along with a serialized narrative. Drawing parallels to the unique feel of NCIS: Sydney, Reisenbach suggests that NCIS: Origins will capture the essence of its era, showcasing the challenges and distinct atmosphere of the 1990s.

The series is expected to delve into the differences in technology and culture, offering a glimpse into the world of forensic work and military life during that time period. Additionally, it will explore Gibbs’s personal life, including his marriage to Stephanie Flynn and the impact of his obsession with serial killer Kyle Boone.

Moreover, NCIS: Origins presents an opportunity to explore Gibbs’s formative years, from his mentorship under Mike Franks to his rise to leadership within the NCIS organization. The serialized nature of the show promises to provide insight into the inner workings of NCIS during the 1990s.

In essence, NCIS: Origins offers a fresh perspective on the franchise, injecting personality and a unique vibe that sets it apart from its predecessors. As a series centered around NCIS’s most iconic character, it’s fitting that NCIS: Origins embraces this opportunity to carve out its own distinct identity.

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