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Across its 21 seasons, “NCIS” has witnessed a carousel of character departures. Zoe McLennan, known for her portrayal of Agent Brody, departed amidst backstage controversies exposed by former showrunner Jeffrey Lieber. Cote de Pablo’s exit as Ziva David sparked speculation, with conflicting accounts of her departure. Michael Weatherly bid farewell to his role as Tony DiNozzo after 13 seasons, driven by a quest for new horizons. Pauley Perrette, who brought Abby Sciuto to life for 15 seasons, left amid reports of discord with Mark Harmon and concerns about his dog’s behavior on set.

Emily Wickersham’s departure as Ellie Bishop in season 18 was on good terms, as she aimed to prioritize her family. Mark Harmon’s recent exit in season 19 marked a turning point in his career, citing the need for freshness and considerations related to age. Despite the revolving door of characters, “NCIS” continues to command steadfast popularity.

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