Breaking News: NCIS Season 21 Release Date Unveiled! You Won’t Believe the Latest Updates!

Get ready, NCIS fans! Season 21 is on its way, set to premiere on February 12, 2024, at 9 p.m. EST on CBS in the US. While UK viewers eagerly await a release date, they can catch the new season on Disney Plus once it’s available.

As the excitement builds, it’s bittersweet knowing that the late David McCallum, who portrayed Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, won’t be returning. However, the new season will pay tribute to him in a heartfelt episode, penned by Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer.

Expect the core cast to return, including Gary Cole, Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen, Diona Reasonover, and Rocky Carroll. And keep an eye out for new faces in guest roles, as NCIS always has surprises in store.

While we eagerly anticipate the premiere, fans can catch a glimpse of the action in the new trailer, featuring both thrilling moments and emotional farewells.

Don’t miss out on the excitement as NCIS season 21 kicks off, promising another round of captivating mysteries and memorable moments.

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