NCIS Fans Nailed It! Shocking Revelation of Agent Torres’ Rival from Season 20 Cliffhanger Unveiled!

A compelling fan theory has emerged regarding the intense cliffhanger in NCIS’ season 20 finale, where Agent Nick Torres, portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama, pulls out a gun on a prisoner named Maurice Riva, played by Al Sapienza. While the episode left viewers on the edge of their seats, pondering the nature of Torres’ connection to Maurice, a Reddit user has put forth a theory that seems to hit the mark.

According to this theory, Maurice Riva might be the individual responsible for compelling Torres and his family to flee their homeland. The speculation gains traction from Torres’ cryptic phone call to his sister, where he ominously declares, “I found the b*****d, he’s still alive.” Moreover, Torres previously described the person who forced their exodus as a “rich guy,” aligning with the images of Maurice’s opulent residence featured in the episode.

Additionally, Torres’ reluctance to engage in further immigration cases, as mentioned to Jimmy Palmer in the finale, hints at a deeper emotional connection to the situation. It’s plausible that Torres’ mother endured harrowing experiences while working for this affluent individual, further fueling his determination to confront the man responsible.

Furthermore, one user speculates that Maurice’s wrongdoing may extend beyond mere coercion, suggesting a darker history involving Torres’ family. They propose the unsettling possibility that Maurice might have perpetrated a heinous act against Torres’ sister in the past, leading to Torres’ visceral reaction upon encountering him.

The foundation of Torres’ turbulent journey traces back to his father, Miguel, who sacrificed his familial ties to battle corruption within the country’s military hierarchy. This familial backstory adds depth to Torres’ character, shedding light on his complex motivations and unwavering pursuit of justice.

As fans eagerly await the resolution of this gripping storyline, the intricacies of Torres’ past and his confrontation with Maurice promise to unravel in the upcoming season, leaving viewers riveted and eager for answers.

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