NCIS Fans Shocked: Discover the Face Behind Mike Franks!

Mark Harmon is set to return to the NCIS universe in a new prequel series titled “NCIS: Origins,” reminiscent of “Young Sheldon.” This series will explore the early days of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, with one confirmed character being Michael Aaron Franks, also known as Mike Franks. Franks played a crucial role in Gibbs’ ascent to a leadership position within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, justifying his inclusion in “NCIS: Origins.”

Muse Watson, known for his portrayal of Franks in the original NCIS series, gained widespread recognition for his role as the villain Ben Willis in the 1997 slasher film “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Despite predominantly brief appearances in TV shows and films prior to this breakout role, Watson’s performance in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” propelled him to new heights.

In an interview focused on his “I Know What You Did Last Summer” character, Watson explained that he was cast as the film’s killer due to his kind personality, which added depth to the character. This combination of kindness and acting talent paved the way for his pivotal role as Mike Franks in NCIS.

Following his success in “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Watson continued to portray villains in subsequent projects, including the sequel “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.” However, he also showcased his versatility by taking on various roles, such as his appearance in an episode of “JAG” and his role as Charles Westmoreland in “Prison Break,” which remains one of his most significant roles to date.

While a younger actor will likely take on the role of Mike Franks in “NCIS: Origins,” fans of Watson’s work can explore his extensive filmography for more of his performances.

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