Michael Weatherly’s TV Break Ignites Tony’s NCIS Comeback Rumors! Fans in Frenzy!

Excitement is brewing among NCIS fans as rumors swirl about the possible return of Michael Weatherly to the long-standing police procedural show as Tony DiNozzo. Weatherly’s departure from the series after 13 seasons left many fans yearning for more, especially concerning the unresolved storyline involving his character’s romantic interest, Ziva David, portrayed by Cote de Pablo.

Weatherly’s decision to leave NCIS primarily stemmed from his desire to explore new acting opportunities after portraying the same character for over a decade. Subsequently, he found success as the lead in the legal drama series Bull, which recently concluded after six seasons.

Despite his hiatus from television, speculation mounts that Weatherly might reprise his role in NCIS, particularly given executive producer Steven D. Binder’s open invitation for Tony’s return. Binder has expressed enthusiasm for a possible reunion between Tony and Ziva, highlighting the undeniable chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, fans cling to hope for a “Tiva” reunion in the upcoming 21st season of NCIS. With Weatherly’s schedule now open, the prospect of his return to the show seems more plausible than ever.

In the meantime, fans eagerly await any updates regarding Tony DiNozzo’s potential comeback to their screens.

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