NCIS Season 21 Premiere Sneak Peeks Spark Major Questions About Torres! Don’t Miss Out!

With the NCIS Season 21 premiere just days away, it’s prime time to delve into Nick Torres’ future.
In the Season 20 finale, Wilmer Valderrama’s character appeared poised to seek revenge on someone responsible for past harm to his family. While the full story remains elusive, Torres’ desire for retribution was palpable.
Did he follow through with the act? The answer remains unclear, but current evidence suggests a grim outlook.
Sneak peeks reveal troubling signs: Torres’ arrest, a pre-recorded message indicating intent, and a lapse in his sobriety as he orders a drink at a bar, despite nine months of abstinence.
Should we be concerned? Absolutely. Even if Torres didn’t commit the crime, repercussions are inevitable. In the world of NCIS, unresolved issues linger, especially for a character grappling with personal demons. While NCIS is primarily procedural, it’s these nuanced narratives that endure, shaping characters’ trajectories long-term.

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