Mark Harmon Shocks Fans with Explosive Revelation About On-Set Drama! You Won’t Believe the Jaw-Dropping Details!

Polly Perrette’s departure from NCIS after its 15th season came as a shock to fans. She cited incidents of bullying and physical assault on set, stemming from an unfortunate incident involving an untrained dog owned by Mark Harmon that bit a crew member. Perrette raised her concerns with CBS, resulting in the dog being banned from the set.

This incident strained Perrette’s relationship with Harmon, leading to them filming separately during her final season. Despite speculation about a potential return, Perrette has firmly stated she will never go back due to safety concerns. Meanwhile, Harmon has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

Perrette’s bravery in addressing workplace issues highlights the importance of fostering a safe environment in Hollywood.

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