Michael Weatherly Drops Jaw-Dropping Teaser Ahead of Epic Project! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Michael Weatherly, renowned for his role on NCIS, is now shifting his focus to his music career, gearing up for the release of a new song. Taking to X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, the NCIS veteran unveiled fresh footage along with a snippet from a demo, marking the occasion.

“In anticipation of the imminent music (Coming Soon, and So Good!), I’ve paired a demo of a track named ‘Save Yourself’ with some snoweatherly wander footage,” he wrote alongside the video. “I hope you enjoy the video & its message!”

Despite his television acclaim, Michael now devotes much of his time to recording studios, diligently crafting an album. Yet, he finds himself nostalgic for his NCIS days. While there’s no confirmation of his return to the procedural drama, Michael frequently shares throwback photos on social media. Recently, the 55-year-old, known for portraying special agent Tony DiNozzo, posted a snapshot with his former co-star Cote de Pablo, alias his on-screen love interest Ziva David.

“Pictures speak volumes(?),” Michael teased in the caption, sparking hopes among fans for Ziva and Tony’s reunion in the franchise.

“I’m currently on Season 13 of my NCIS rewatch. It would be fantastic to see Tony, Ziva, and Talia in the upcoming season and witness how they navigate Ziva’s return,” one fan commented eagerly.

“Just one picture is all it takes to convince us that a spin-off featuring DiNozzo and Ziva is an absolute necessity,” chimed in another enthusiast. Meanwhile, a third inquired, “Will you guys be making a comeback????”

Although Michael bid farewell to NCIS in 2016, he hasn’t ruled out a comeback. Responding optimistically to a fan’s query in January, the actor hinted at future appearances as DiNozzo. “There will be more DiNozzo someday because he is the one character that felt unfinished… that’s my plan! We shall see…” he remarked.

Fans will recall that Michael’s character exited the show in the Season 13 finale, discovering he had a daughter, Tali, with Ziva. Believing Ziva had perished in a mortar attack in Israel, Tony chose to leave the team to raise his child.

Reflecting on his departure in a previous interview with TV Line, Michael admitted considering leaving the show after Cote de Pablo’s exit. Discussing the “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic between Tony and Ziva, a prominent storyline throughout the series, Michael lamented the loss of their compelling chemistry. “Their great dynamic, the banter and flirtation between those two characters and how they oscillated from siblings to almost lovers and back to buddies, that was missing. Then I reached a point where I felt I had overstayed my welcome at the party,” he revealed.

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