NCIS Season Premiere: Palmer’s Heartbreaking Revelation Revealed! What’s the Devastating News!

In the season 21 premiere of NCIS, titled “Algún Día,” viewers are treated to a thrilling conclusion to Nick Torres’ arc from the previous season. However, the episode ends with a suspenseful cliffhanger involving a devastating revelation from Palmer, setting the stage for a new challenge for the team.

The exact nature of Palmer’s news is kept under wraps until the next episode, but based on the established storytelling direction for season 21, it’s strongly suggested to be the passing of Ducky Mallard. Ducky, the esteemed medical examiner and historian and the oldest member of the team, is likely to have met his demise, especially following the real-life passing of actor David McCallum in September 2023.

The upcoming episode, “The Stories We Leave Behind,” is set to pay tribute to Ducky, with the team delving into a mystery he was working on before his death. This poignant storyline not only honors Ducky’s legacy but also allows for an emotional exploration of his character through the investigation he left behind.

While there won’t be any original cast members as series regulars in season 21 due to McCallum’s passing, there’s speculation about former NCIS agents making appearances for Ducky’s send-off. Michael Weatherly has expressed interest in reprising his role as DiNozzo, potentially alongside Cote de Pablo’s Ziva. However, the possibility of Mark Harmon’s Gibbs making an appearance holds particular significance for fans.

As the team grapples with Ducky’s loss and unravels the mystery he left behind, viewers can anticipate an emotionally charged and compelling episode that pays fitting tribute to a beloved character and actor.

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