NCIS’s Tear-Jerking Tribute to David McCallum Will Leave You Sobbing! Don’t Miss This Special Episode!

During its latest episode on Monday (19 February), NCIS bid its final farewell to veteran cast member David McCallum in a touching tribute.

McCallum, known for his portrayal of investigator Donald “Ducky” Mallard, had been a fixture on the hit TV crime drama for an impressive two decades, spanning 20 seasons.

In the dedicated episode titled “The Stories We Leave Behind”, Jimmy Palmer (portrayed by Brian Dietzen), discovers Ducky peacefully resting in his bed, clad in his iconic monogrammed pyjamas. Reflecting on the character’s passing, Dietzen, who co-wrote the tribute, remarks that passing away in one’s sleep “isn’t a bad way to go.”

Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) echoes sentiments of celebration for Ducky’s rich and fulfilling life, emphasizing that it’s what Ducky would have wanted above all else.

The episode pays homage to Ducky with a montage of scenes from past seasons, allowing the characters to reminisce about their time with Mallard. Additionally, the team resolves Ducky’s final case, ensuring justice for a fallen ex-soldier whose daughter suspected foul play in his death.

Notably, the memorial for Ducky features a special appearance by Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly), Ducky’s former colleague and partner-in-crime. Weatherly’s return marks a poignant moment, especially considering his departure from NCIS in 2016.

McCallum held the distinction of being the last original cast member on the long-running CBS procedural crime drama, having joined the cast in 2003.

Following McCallum’s passing, CBS Studios released a joint statement expressing deep sadness and emphasizing his remarkable legacy as both an actor and author.

NCIS fans can catch the series on CBS at 9pm ET.

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