NCIS Bombshell: Brian Dietzen’s Shocking Reaction to Weatherly’s Cameo! Unveils Secret David McCallum Clues – Must See!

Following the airing of the special tribute episode dedicated to David McCallum’s character, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, on NCIS, CBS is now revealing the behind-the-scenes details of Michael Weatherly’s surprise cameo.

On Tuesday morning, CBS shared a series of behind-the-scenes images on Instagram from Monday’s emotional episode, which bid a poignant farewell to Ducky and McCallum’s legacy.

Later that afternoon, TVLine had the opportunity to speak with Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the tribute episode with EP Scott Williams, on the set of the NCIS franchise’s 1000th total episode. Dietzen broke down Weatherly’s unexpected appearance in the tribute.

In the episode’s closing moments, the characters give Jimmy a moment alone in the lab, where he is later visited by Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, portrayed by series veteran Weatherly. DiNozzo gifts Jimmy a black bowtie and shares a heartfelt anecdote in his best Dr. Mallard impression, emphasizing the lasting impact people have on others’ lives.

Dietzen expresses his joy at hearing Weatherly’s familiar voice, highlighting that DiNozzo’s presence wasn’t just to honor Ducky’s memory but also to support his friend.

Additionally, Dietzen mentions three “Easter eggs” referencing McCallum’s previous roles in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Great Escape, which were cleverly incorporated into the episode.

Fans can check out all the behind-the-scenes images, including one featuring NCIS: LA alum Daniela Ruah, who is currently directing the franchise’s 1001st episode, on CBS’s Instagram post.

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