Gary Cole Finally Speaks Out! Confirms Shocking Rumors!

The departure of Mark Harmon from his iconic role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs after 18 seasons on NCIS has ignited a wave of debate among fans. Despite initial denials from CBS, the introduction of Gary Cole’s Agent Parker as Gibbs’ successor in Season 19 has stirred accusations of deception.

Many fans express dissatisfaction with the selection of Agent Parker as the new team leader, particularly given the perceived natural heir, Tim McGee, within the show’s narrative. Some feel let down that McGee did not ascend to the role as expected. Showrunner Steven D. Binder attempted to address the concerns by suggesting that Gibbs and McGee may have had discussions about the future. However, this explanation has left many fans unconvinced.

Voices of discontent continue to echo throughout the fan community, with a significant portion advocating for McGee to step into Gibbs’ shoes. Despite attempts to assuage concerns, the choice of Agent Parker and the handling of Gibbs’ departure remain contentious topics among NCIS enthusiasts.

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