Michael Weatherly Spills Tea: DiNozzo’s Explosive Comeback in NCIS Season 21 Revealed!

Following his unexpected return as Tony DiNozzo in NCIS Season 21, Episode 2, Michael Weatherly has broken his silence with a new social media post. The actor’s surprise cameo in the tribute episode honoring David McCallum’s character has generated immense excitement among fans of the long-running CBS series.

In his post, Weatherly expressed gratitude towards the cast and crew for their hard work in bringing the tribute episode to life. While DiNozzo’s appearance was initially thought to be a one-off, Weatherly’s openness to returning suggests potential for more stories featuring his character.

Weatherly’s return to NCIS marks nearly a decade since he departed the show, making his cameo all the more unexpected and celebrated. His reunion with the NCIS universe was commemorated with a photo alongside director Daniela Ruah, who is set to helm several episodes within the franchise this year. Additionally, Weatherly praised Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the tribute episode honoring Ducky.

DiNozzo’s departure from NCIS stemmed from his discovery of a secret daughter with former teammate Ziva David, leading Gibbs to grant him his freedom to prioritize family. Despite his absence, DiNozzo’s friendship with Palmer served as the catalyst for his return in the tribute episode, offering support to his grieving mentee.

While Weatherly’s return is currently planned as a one-time occurrence, there is potential for his involvement to expand in future seasons. With his own series, “Bull,” concluded, Weatherly now has more flexibility to explore further opportunities within the NCIS universe. As the last original character to bid farewell to the show, the prospect of DiNozzo’s return holds significant appeal for longtime viewers.

Weatherly’s expressed interest in returning to NCIS indicates that there may still be untold stories waiting to be explored for his character, promising the potential for further reunion moments and narratives within the beloved police procedural.

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