Michael Weatherly Drops Bombshell: Real Reason Behind NCIS Exit REVEALED!

In a recent interview, actor Michael Weatherly shed light on the true reasons behind his departure from the acclaimed TV series “NCIS.” Contrary to previous speculations, Weatherly clarified that his decision was not motivated by a desire to pursue other projects or to seek new horizons beyond the show.

According to Weatherly, his exit from “NCIS” was primarily influenced by the arrival of a new showrunner. He revealed that the change in leadership brought about a shift in the show’s dynamic, posing challenges that he found difficult to navigate. The actor candidly shared his struggles with adapting to the new direction and confessed that it impacted his creative fulfillment.

Weatherly emphasized that the decision was a poignant one for him, given his profound attachment to the role he had portrayed for 13 seasons. However, he recognized the need to embrace change and explore fresh opportunities in his career.

Despite bidding farewell to “NCIS,” Weatherly remains appreciative of the invaluable experience and the enduring relationships he forged with the cast and crew. He expressed admiration for his former co-star Mark Harmon and the entire team, underscoring the supportive and collaborative atmosphere they fostered on set.

Although his departure from “NCIS” marked a significant chapter in his career, Weatherly’s journey as an actor continued to flourish. He seamlessly transitioned to the legal drama series “Bull,” where he continues to excel. Reflecting on his time on “NCIS,” Weatherly acknowledged the invaluable lessons and personal growth he gained, grateful for the opportunities it afforded him.

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