Shocking Twist: Mark Harmon’s Absence from NCIS Tribute – A Hidden Blessing? Find Out!

The absence of Leroy Jethro Gibbs at Ducky’s tribute in NCIS season 21 may have disappointed some fans, but it actually serves a greater purpose, especially for Mark Harmon’s future in the show.

In the heartfelt farewell to Ducky Mallard in season 21, episode 2, titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” NCIS took a unique approach by incorporating its weekly case format into the special episode. Instead of a straightforward tribute, the team came together to solve Ducky’s final case, showcasing the essence of the series while bidding farewell to a beloved character. Despite theories suggesting the return of former agents for Ducky’s tribute, the show decided to focus on the existing team dynamics.

CBS was open to various ideas for Ducky’s farewell, ultimately bringing back Michael Weatherly’s Anthony DiNozzo for a cameo appearance. DiNozzo’s return provided much-needed levity, particularly for Jimmy Palmer, who was grappling with the loss of his mentor. However, the absence of Gibbs at Ducky’s funeral, while initially disappointing, ultimately presents an opportunity for a more impactful return arc for Mark Harmon.

Harmon’s departure from NCIS in season 19 left Gibbs’ whereabouts shrouded in mystery, with the character settling in Naktok Bay, Alaska. Despite his absence, the door remains open for Gibbs to return, as confirmed by co-showrunner Steven Binder. However, the decision to hold off on Gibbs’ return until a special episode allows the show to dedicate ample time to crafting a compelling storyline centered around the character.

Saving Harmon’s comeback for a dedicated episode ensures that the return of such a pivotal character receives the attention it deserves. Whether it involves Gibbs resolving lingering storylines or collaborating with old and new agents, the anticipation surrounding his return only adds to the excitement for future episodes.

With NCIS approaching its 1000th overall episode, speculation arises about the perfect timing for Harmon’s return. While specific plot details remain scarce, the significance of Director Vance’s involvement hints at the potential for Gibbs to play a pivotal role in the milestone event.

Furthermore, Gibbs’ role as the executor of Ducky’s will presents another compelling reason for his return, especially considering the implications of his legal duties from thousands of miles away. This narrative thread could serve as a catalyst for Gibbs’ reunion with his former colleagues, adding depth to the storyline and fostering character development.

In essence, while Gibbs’ absence at Ducky’s tribute may have disappointed some fans initially, it ultimately sets the stage for a more impactful and memorable return in future episodes of NCIS.

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