Top 10 Most Jaw-Dropping NCIS Season 20 Episodes – You Won’t Want to Miss These Ranked Gems!

Throughout its 20-season run, NCIS has delivered numerous memorable episodes, showcasing its blend of military and true crime procedural drama. As the show evolves, new characters like Alden Parker, portrayed by Gary Cole, have taken the helm, leading the team through gripping investigations and personal challenges. Here are some standout episodes from NCIS Season 20:

1. **”The Raven’s Gambit”**:
In this thrilling episode, Agent Alden Parker finds himself on the run with his ex-wife, Vivian, as the team races to clear his name. With the help of the NCIS: Hawai’i team, they uncover the identity of the elusive Raven, leading to an intense showdown.

2. **”Caged”**:
Special Agent Nick Torres and his therapist, Dr. Grace Confalone, are unexpectedly held captive, forcing Torres to confront his vulnerabilities. As the team works to rescue them, personal and professional boundaries are tested, resulting in a compelling narrative arc.

3. **”The Method Actor”**:
A case involving a decapitated head takes unexpected turns as the team partners with actress Chloe Marlene, shadowing Agent Jessica Knight. The episode provides a mix of suspense and humor, with Knight and Torres taking center stage in the investigation.

4. **”Higher Education”**:
Agent Timothy McGee’s personal and professional worlds collide when a Navy ROTC Midshipman’s death hits close to home. McGee’s wife, Delilah, plays a pivotal role in the case, highlighting the complexities of balancing family and duty.

5. **”Daddy Issues”**:
McGee takes center stage once again as the team investigates a hacking incident linked to his children’s school. With a blend of humor, suspense, and personal growth, the episode offers a refreshing perspective on McGee’s character.

6. **”Kasie’s Investigation”**:
Forensic medical examiner Kasie takes charge in this episode, investigating a mole within NCIS while unraveling the mystery behind Agent Otis Khatri’s murder. Diona Reasonover’s portrayal of Kasie’s investigative prowess shines in this compelling narrative.

7. **”Berlin Bound”**:
Director Leon Vance and Agent Parker embark on a trip to Berlin, only to find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue and danger. The episode balances international intrigue with character development, offering a captivating storyline.

8. **”Home Front”**:
The team grapples with a murder case linked to Afghanistan’s aftermath, resonating deeply with Agent Torres, who reflects on his own immigrant journey. Meanwhile, Chief Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer seeks guidance from Director Vance on parenting challenges.

These episodes showcase the depth and diversity of storytelling in NCIS Season 20, captivating audiences with their compelling narratives and engaging character dynamics.

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