Michael Weatherly’s Tearful Farewell to NCIS Revealed: ‘I Was a Wreck!

After 13 remarkable years on the hit TV series NCIS, Michael Weatherly is gearing up to bid farewell to his beloved character, Tony DiNozzo. In a candid interview with TV Guide, Weatherly delves into his decision to depart from the show, his sentiments surrounding his last days on set, and his forthcoming ventures. Weatherly reveals that his contemplation about leaving NCIS began in earnest two and a half years ago, triggered by the departure of his on-screen counterpart and romantic interest, Ziva. Sensing a shift in their dynamic, he recognized a desire to explore other avenues, including spending quality time with his family and pursuing new acting opportunities.

Weatherly’s next endeavor is a pilot titled Bull, inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw. Enamored by the script, he eagerly anticipates immersing himself in this fresh venture. Remarkably, Weatherly notes that his last audition for a TV show dates back to 1999. Nonetheless, he remains open to revisiting the NCIS franchise in the future, be it on the flagship series or one of its spin-offs, expressing gratitude for the diverse acting prospects that portraying Tony DiNozzo has afforded him.

Regarding Tony’s exit from the show, Weatherly assures fans that the finale will be replete with poignant moments and unexpected twists. Diligently crafting the emotional beats, he incorporates insider jokes for ardent DiNozzo enthusiasts. The episode also boasts cameo appearances from familiar NCIS figures as Tony and the team pursue a rogue British spy.

Reflecting on his final days on set, Weatherly describes the experience as “epic” and “wonderful,” particularly highlighting the profound significance of filming his last scenes with Pauley Perrette, who portrays Abby. Perrette echoes Weatherly’s sentiment, admitting to being deeply moved during their shared moments on screen. With the cast and crew meticulously preparing for his departure over the past six months, Weatherly’s invaluable contribution to the show is set to be commemorated with utmost reverence.

In conclusion, as Weatherly bids adieu to Tony DiNozzo and the show that catapulted him to stardom, he reminisces wistfully about the journey. Grateful for the opportunities and memories forged along the way, he eagerly looks forward to embarking on new acting endeavors. The season finale of NCIS, scheduled to air on May 17th, promises to deliver a heartfelt and unforgettable farewell as Tony bids his final goodbye.

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