Exclusive Sneak Peek: NCIS: Hawai’i’s Lucy and Kate Unravel Military Resort Murder!

In a tantalizing hint dropped by NCIS: Hawai’i lead Vanessa Lachey to TVLine at the beginning of the season, the cryptic one-word tease “#Kacy” is finally unveiled in the upcoming episode of the island-set procedural.

During a January interview with TVLine alongside Season 3 newcomer LL Cool J, Lachey provided the word “newlyweds” as a preview of what’s to come for Special Agents Lucy Tara and Kate Whistler, portrayed by Yasmine Al-Bustami and Tori Anderson, respectively. However, Lachey cautioned that the intriguing three-syllable tease might not unfold as fans anticipate.

Speculation arose that Lucy and Kate would assume the roles of undercover brides, and indeed, that proves to be the case in the episode titled “Dead on Arrival,” airing this Monday at 10/9c on CBS.

The plot sets up this simulated nuptial scenario: When a Navy pilot is discovered murdered at a local military resort, the team goes incognito to uncover a hidden criminal operation.

A previously released clip lays the groundwork for the undercover mission, showcasing Lucy’s excitement when the idea of partnering with Kate for the “newlyweds” cover is proposed. Additionally, the clip hints at new suspicions surrounding Sam Hanna’s presence in Hawai’i, as he appears to have developed a close bond with a team member through text communication.

In an exclusive sneak peek provided by TVLine, Lucy and Kate cozy up to the resort’s bar, drawing the attention of a military veteran who offers to guess Lucy’s branch of service. Watch the clip to see if this sharp-eyed vet can correctly discern Lucy’s military affiliation, and to learn more about the murder investigation that prompts the #Kacy inquiry.

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