NCIS Fans, Brace Yourselves! Tony/Ziva Spinoff: All the Juicy Details!

Prepare for an exciting new NCIS spinoff, honing in on the beloved couple Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, affectionately dubbed #Tiva by fans. Crafted by John McNamara, this series will plunge viewers into the enthralling world of Tony and Ziva as they navigate love, peril, and adventure.

Following a poignant goodbye, Tony now finds himself raising their daughter, Tali, while Ziva resurfaces to alert Gibbs of an imminent danger. In the spinoff, the duo embarks on a frantic journey across Europe after Tony’s security firm becomes a target. As they unravel the truth, they must also mend the trust between them.

Starring Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, this spinoff vows to unveil gripping new chapters in the #Tiva saga. Set to premiere on Paramount+, filming is scheduled to kick off in Europe later this year. Keep an eye out for updates on this eagerly awaited series!

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