NCIS Pays Tearful Tribute: Ducky’s Top 11 David McCallum Episodes Revealed!

NCIS pays heartfelt tribute to the late David McCallum, celebrated for his portrayal of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, who passed away at the age of 90 in September 2023. Season 21 of the show serves as a poignant homage to both the character and the actor’s enduring legacy. Brian Dietzen, who embodies Dr. Jimmy Palmer, co-wrote an episode aired on February 19, dedicated to McCallum, spotlighting Ducky’s standout moments. The memorial episode aims to strike a delicate balance between solemn reflection and joyous celebration, spotlighting McCallum’s indelible contributions to the series.

In “Bête Noire” (Season 1, Episode 16), a pivotal episode introduces rogue Mossad officer Ari Haswari, who infiltrates an autopsy and holds Ducky and his assistant Gerald hostage. Despite the harrowing circumstances, Ducky maintains his poise and adapts until help arrives, laying the groundwork for future dramatic arcs.

“Meat Puzzle” (Season 2, Episode 13) presents a compelling blend of intrigue and personal revelation as Ducky reunites with his mother amidst a gruesome case involving dismembered body parts in barrels. This installment provides insight into Ducky’s familial ties and adds depth to his character.

“Broken Bird” (Season 6, Episode 13) offers a rare glimpse into Ducky’s emotional past as accusations surface regarding his involvement in his brother’s death. This poignant journey unveils Ducky’s resilience and showcases McCallum’s nuanced portrayal of complex narratives.

In “Phoenix” (Season 10, Episode 3), Ducky’s unwavering dedication to his work shines as he refuses to let a recent heart attack impede his duties. This episode delves into his unconventional methods and underscores the profound bond between Ducky and Gibbs.

“Detour” (Season 10, Episode 16) presents an exhilarating adventure as Ducky and Palmer find themselves abducted and forced to perform an autopsy in unfamiliar surroundings, demonstrating their resourcefulness and camaraderie under duress.

“So It Goes” (Season 12, Episode 3) delves into Ducky’s past through flashbacks, offering insight into his formative years and reuniting him with figures from his past.

In “Spinning Wheel” (Season 13, Episode 11), a poignant revelation introduces Ducky’s previously unknown younger brother, Nicholas, culminating in a touching family reunion amidst sorrow.

“The Tie That Binds” (Season 14, Episode 10) delves into Ducky’s past decisions and relationships, adding layers to his character and exploring themes of remorse and redemption.

In Episode 400, titled “Everything Starts Somewhere” (Season 18, Episode 2), the series delves into the origin of Gibbs and Ducky’s relationship, showcasing their enduring bond and shared history.

Ducky’s limited appearances in “Kompromat” and “Black Sky” (Season 20, Episodes 21 and 22) underscore his ongoing significance to the team, even in his absence, highlighting his irreplaceable wisdom and contributions to solving cases.

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