NCIS Plans Tribute to Late Star David McCallum Upon Return!

The NCIS showrunners have unveiled their plans to honor the late David McCallum, renowned for portraying the iconic character Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard on the long-running CBS series.

David McCallum, who passed away at the age of 90 due to natural causes in September, had been an integral part of NCIS, appearing in over 450 episodes across its 20 seasons. His recent 90th birthday celebration, merely days before his passing, prompted an overwhelming wave of sorrow among fans and the show’s cast and crew.

Showrunners Steven D. Binder and David North disclosed to TV Line that a dedicated episode paying tribute to the esteemed actor is in the works and scheduled for February.

Binder and North emphasized the significance of honoring McCallum, describing him as a “legendary actor” and a cherished friend among the NCIS team. The dedicated episode will center around the team learning about Ducky’s passing, offering moments of reflection on their memories of him as they mourn his loss.

Furthermore, the showrunners revealed that Brian Dietzen, known for his role as Ducky’s protege Jimmy Palmer, is collaborating with executive producer Scott Williams to co-write this special episode.

Although specific surprise cameos were not confirmed, Binder and North hinted at a poignant and remarkable moment that viewers should anticipate.

Set to air on February 19, the dedicated episode follows the season 21 premiere scheduled for February 12 on CBS.

Additionally, the showrunners paid tribute to David McCallum following his passing in September, praising his professional demeanor, wit, and the profound impact he had on the cast and crew during his over two-decade tenure with NCIS. They acknowledged him not only as a legend but also as a valued member of the NCIS family who will be deeply missed.

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