Michael Weatherly Fans Buzz as Star Transforms into Iconic Character!

NCIS actor Michael Weatherly embraced the Halloween spirit by dressing up as Indiana Jones, delighting fans with his costume. Sharing his transformation on X (formerly Twitter), Weatherly posted a GIF of his Indiana Jones ensemble, adding the hashtag #Halloween2023.

Fans eagerly responded to his costume choice, linking it to his recent archaeological tour in Turkey. “Woow. That Indiana Jones costume looks great on you and very appropriate after your incredible trip to Turkey! We look forward to more adventures from Michael Jones,” expressed one fan. Another chimed in, “A great costume after your recent vacation. Looks like you had fun yesterday.”

Reflecting on Weatherly’s journey in Turkey earlier in the month, fans connected his archaeological visit with his Halloween costume, attributing meaning to the choice.

During his trip, the 55-year-old actor explored Gobekli Tepe and Cappadocia, engaging with archaeological sites and experts. Returning to the US afterward, Weatherly shared reflections on his Turkish excursion on social media, mentioning the Whirling Dervishes of Konya and the significance of ancient history.

Fans, in response, wished him a safe journey back home and inquired about potential return plans to NCIS. Some hoped for his character’s return, while Weatherly has remained reticent about future opportunities on the show. His departure from NCIS in 2016 came after a lengthy tenure, and he had expressed feeling it was the right time to move on, particularly after his on-screen partner, Cote de Pablo, left the series.

Weatherly had reflected on the dynamic between their characters, recognizing its significance and how its absence influenced his decision to eventually depart from the show. He indicated feeling that he had stayed in the role for an extended period and was ready for a change.

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