Michael Weatherly Teases Exciting Career Update Beyond NCIS – Get the Details!

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly recently updated fans on his exciting music project, sharing a glimpse into his collaboration with Casey Hooper, known for working with artists like Katy Perry. Weatherly tweeted on December 26 about creating new music with Hooper, teasing fans about a forthcoming song, albeit with a slight delay. Later, he posted a moody video singing a snippet of the track against a deep blue wall, hinting at the song’s emotional depth.

In response, fans expressed enthusiasm, appreciating the song’s personal touch and eagerly anticipating the album’s release. Weatherly, who previously recorded songs like ‘Bitter and Blue’ and ‘Under the Sun’ for NCIS and had a musical background with a band in New York City, had initially announced an album release for Christmas. However, it was delayed.

On social media platform X, he mentioned a song titled ‘Wings of Wax & Wood,’ describing it as his first release from the upcoming album, themed around Icarus and a world in turmoil.

During the Christmas period, Weatherly shared a joyful video baking cookies with his youngest children, spreading holiday cheer and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Despite leaving NCIS in 2016 after Cote de Pablo’s departure, Weatherly has hinted at a potential return, and reports suggested talks about a spin-off in early 2023.

Reflecting on his departure from NCIS, Weatherly highlighted the dynamic between Tony and Ziva, acknowledging its significance and evolution throughout the series. He mentioned feeling that he had stayed at the show for an extended period and decided to move on.

Throughout his career transition from acting to music and family moments, Weatherly continues to engage with his audience, keeping them updated on his endeavors beyond the screen.

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