Michael Weatherly’s Journey: NCIS Stardom, Mark Harmon Feud, and Lawsuit Drama!

Michael Weatherly, known for his iconic portrayal of Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS, has had a multifaceted life and career filled with intriguing highs and controversial moments.

Born in New York in 1968, Weatherly pursued a career in acting after attending Boston University but ultimately dropped out to focus on his passion. He worked various jobs, including waiting tables and busking on the subway, before landing roles in TV shows like The Cosby Show, Significant Others, Charmed, and Dark Angel. His breakthrough came in 2003 when he secured the role of Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS.

One of the significant points in his personal life was his engagement to Jessica Alba from 2001 to 2003. Their relationship drew attention due to their age gap and the challenges of sharing the same profession. Alba later reflected on their time together, expressing the difficulties of maintaining a relationship between two actors.

Weatherly also faced friction with his NCIS co-star Mark Harmon, initially experiencing disagreements on set. Over time, their relationship improved, with Weatherly gaining insight and understanding into Harmon’s perspective on the show.

In his personal life, Weatherly has been married twice. His first marriage was to Amelia Heinle, resulting in a son named August. Afterward, he found love with Bojana Jankovic, a doctor, whom he met in a Vancouver bar in 2007. The two fell for each other instantly, and after a grand gesture of flying to Paris for their first date, they eventually married in 2009. They share two children, Liam and Olivia, whom Weatherly deeply cherishes.

Weatherly departed from NCIS in 2016, citing various reasons such as wanting to spend more time with his children and feeling that his character’s dynamic had changed after co-star Cote de Pablo’s exit.

However, his career faced a significant controversy in 2018 when he was accused of sexually harassing his Bull co-star Eliza Dushku. She alleged inappropriate behavior and harassment, leading to her firing by CBS. Following a mediated agreement, CBS paid Eliza $9.5 million, and Weatherly issued an apology, acknowledging his inappropriate comments and expressing regret for causing her pain.

Presently, Weatherly is focusing on his music career, collaborating with guitarist Casey Hooper on a new album. Casey, married to Michael’s niece and actress Alexandra Breckenridge, has worked with notable musicians like Katy Perry.

As he navigates through different facets of life and career, Michael Weatherly continues to draw attention for his talent, controversies, and evolution in the entertainment industry.

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