Surprising Revelation: NCIS’ Jimmy Palmer – Family and Children Details!

NCIS actor Brian Dietzen, known for portraying Jimmy Palmer, is famously private about his family life. He is married to Kelly, whom he met in 2000, and the couple has been together for nearly two decades, residing in Los Angeles. Together, they share two children, a son, and a daughter, although Dietzen has kept their identities out of the public eye.

While Dietzen has maintained a private stance regarding his family, he occasionally shares glimpses of his personal life. In a December post, he expressed his love for the holiday season, cherishing the time spent with his family during Christmas. He mentioned feeling blessed and recharged, expressing anticipation for the upcoming year.

Regarding his character on NCIS, Jimmy Palmer is depicted as a widower with one daughter, Victoria Palmer, portrayed by Elle Harper. In a notable episode, “The Helpers,” co-written by Dietzen, Jimmy introduces his seven-year-old daughter to the NCIS team, leading to unexpected events involving a bio-toxin scare that fortunately resolves without harm to Jimmy or his colleague Kasie Hines.

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