NCIS: LA’s Kilbride Teases ‘Beautiful’ Series Finale – Details Revealed!

NCIS: Los Angeles bid farewell to its fans with its two-part season finale, marking the end of the long-running series. Actor Gerald McRaney, known for portraying Admiral Hollace Kilbride, shared insights into the show’s conclusion, emphasizing that the writers crafted a satisfying wrap-up for the 14-season run.

Reflecting on the show’s closure, McRaney expressed his appreciation for the writers’ efforts in providing a well-crafted ending. He commended the finale for not merely stopping abruptly, but rather delivering a beautiful and conclusive resolution to the series.

Additionally, Caleb Castille, who plays Devin Rountree, teased that the finale would offer fans both the familiar elements they love and some extra surprises. He expressed contentment with the conclusion, praising the writers and producers for their dedication in wrapping up the series.

The cast and crew celebrated the series finale at a wrap-up party, where they bid their final goodbyes. The official Instagram account of NCIS: Los Angeles shared a photo capturing the memorable moment, prompting fans to express their gratitude for the show and its cast. Viewers flooded the comments section with heartfelt messages, acknowledging the impact of the series and expressing their sadness over its conclusion.

The fourteenth and final season of NCIS: Los Angeles concluded, marking the end of an era for the beloved police procedural spin-off, leaving behind a legacy cherished by its dedicated fanbase.

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