NCIS Franchise’s Next Big Move: Producer Spills on Potential 3-Way Crossover with Sydney – Exciting Details Inside!

The prospect of an NCIS: Sydney crossover with the broader franchise has been discussed by the show’s creator and showrunner, Morgan O’Neill. Although the second season of NCIS: Sydney has not yet been officially confirmed, O’Neill didn’t rule out the idea of a crossover and hinted at the potential excitement it could bring. He mentioned that while the show is set in Australia, the proximity of NCIS: Hawai’i might make a crossover more feasible than with the main NCIS branch in Washington, D.C. O’Neill emphasized that crossover episodes, which are often fan favorites, are on their minds. However, the geographical challenge of Australia’s isolation may necessitate creative solutions, such as remote video cameos or the use of greenscreens to create the illusion of shared space. The success of NCIS: Sydney’s first season, breaking records as the most-streamed CBS premiere on Paramount+, suggests that a second season could be a possibility, further opening the door to potential crossovers. NCIS: Sydney currently airs on Paramount+ on Fridays.

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