NCIS: Origins Exclusive! Mark Harmon’s Comeback and Returning Characters Revealed!

In the Season 21 premiere of NCIS, titled “Algún Día,” Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) takes center stage as he confronts a man from his past, putting his future at stake. The episode, scheduled to air on February 12, picks up after the dramatic cliffhanger ending of Season 20.

After an extended hiatus due to Hollywood strikes, NCIS returns with the team rallying to support Torres. The synopsis reveals that Torres is confronting the man who tormented his family during his childhood. In Season 20, Torres went undercover in prison to thwart a Russian terrorist plot, but his troubles continued when he spotted a man from his past visiting a fellow inmate. A voicemail to his sister confirmed that Torres had found the man who had caused significant harm to his family, and now he is determined to make him pay.

The Season 20 finale, titled “Black Sky,” concluded with Torres breaking into the mysterious man’s house, waiting for his return with a gun on the table. The confrontation is tense, with Torres expressing his deep-seated desire for revenge: “What I always wanted,” he declares, “To watch you die.”

The premiere episode promises an intense and suspenseful storyline as Torres grapples with his traumatic past and seeks justice. The photos from the episode show Torres standing in the stranger’s home, holding a gun, raising questions about whether he will go through with his vengeful intentions.

NCIS Season 21 will air on CBS on February 12 at 9 p.m. ET, with live streaming available on Paramount+ and next-day streaming on Paramount+ Essential.

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